Vindi Vindaloo (August 18 2004) is a well known designer in second life whose main store, Luxury, is on Plush Kappa.

Her signature creations include the Azazello Dress with its monarch butterfly patterns, Magnifique an oppulent Victorian styled dress, Duci in red and white, and a line of wedding dresses. Vindi's work is known for elaborate use of flexi prims for skirts and very detailed fabric textures. Many of her outfits include prim shoes. Prices for outfits range from 500L to 2000L, with 750L being the most common price point. Her clothing is generall modify no copy transfer.

Vindi Vindaloo began designing soon after joining Second Life in 2004, and was one of the first to use prims in creation of dresses. She moved her store to its current location in 2006. There is a wholeseller program that has over 63 members according to her website.

Her work has been covered in outworld media, including New Delhi News, Figaro Madame and Liberation.

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Main store Vindi Vindaloo website

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