Voodoo Bamboo

Voodoo Bamboo, known today on the grid as Toxic, was the founder of Voodoo Designs, LLC, a U.S. based company specializing in virtual world development, consulting, and design. He is considered as the father of top quality prefab designs for the nightlife within the grid and known for his one of a kind artistic work. Many higher end club owners have been known to contract his artistic skills for the products. Voodoo is arguably Second Life's prominent prefab and artistic mogul.


Voodoo initially created a presence in the seductive nightlife world of the grid in 2006. Motivated by his artwork, Voodoo Designs exploded on the grid with Voodoo releasing new design about every 3 months. Many have stated that Voodoo had what some called a cult following. Customers were known to purchase his designs as collectors items and to this day hold value with many. Voodoo created not just prefabs and artwork that was second to none, but created a brand that remains untouched in the grid. Voodoo sold Voodoo Designs in 2010 and left the grid. In 2012, Voodoo made his return as Toxic Designs AKA Toxic however only visits on occasian and no longer actively runs a store in world.

Virtual World Influences

Prefabs have been sold and purchased since the early days of the grid however Voodoo put nightclub prefabs on the map and took them to a level never before seen. Many have tried to duplicate this success with little success. Voodoo AKA Toxic, continues to be the driving force on the grid for artistic designs and has left a legacy that many today attempt to emulate.


VooDoo has continued to create and publish his artwork through Facebook, Twitter, and on VoDoo Designs Nation and remains active today. He still accepts contract work for clients within Second Life when requested and have developed a following outside of Second Life.

External links VooDoo (Now known as Toxic Designs) on the Web

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