Vox Mullen as of January 2008

Vox Mullen is a SL resident; first rezzed in-world on April 14 2005, but not active on a regular basis until May 2007. He is known for his media work in SL, as the Executive Producer for Sports with SLCN ( now ), and as a DJ and former partner in


Vox Mullen first came into SL as a member of Simkastinternet radio. He logged on intermittently through January 2006, before leaving for almost 18 months. From May 2007 through May 2008, Vox logged on on a near-daily basis. From May to November 2007, Vox was a sports writer for SLNN. He began as a play-by-play hockey announcer on SLCN's weekly coverage of the Second Life Hockey League in August 2007. As of May 2008, he logs in very infrequently and avoids the spotlight. 


A former co-owner of Club Wild, Mullen left after concerns over the club's image. He later opened his own Sci-Fi/Paranormal themed club, Mulder's, only to be forced to close to less than 8 weeks later.

Mullen was a managing partner in Vox Mullen's Sports Bar, on the Northpoint sim.

Name Origins

Vox is a long time RL nickname for the avatar's creator, referring to his career as a radio/TV sportscaster in California and Wisconsin.

Mullen was chosen as a reference to the TV character "Fox Mulder", creating the similar sounding "Vox Mullen"

He was unaware that the names Vox and Mullen were also unintentional references to members of the rock band U2 (lead singer Bono Vox, and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr.) until early 2008.

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