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Vox Mullen's Sports Bar (original signs read "Vox Mullen's Sports Bar, Hair Care, and Tire Center"; since shortened to "Vox Mullen's") opened on the Northpoint sim on 29 February 2008.

The club features large screen for viewing SLCN broadcasts, and an audio stream featuring

Areas include a trophy case with trophies donated from various SL sports, a beach, an outdoor exercise area, an alcove featuring shirts with the club logo, and a dance floor on the second floor.

The build was commissioned by SLCN owner Wiz Nordberg, who wanted to build a hangout for SL's athletes and sports fans. Nordberg approached SLCN sportscaster Vox Mullen, and his friend Honoria Paine with a plot of land on Northpoint to build and manage a large ("bigger the better" according to Nordberg) SL and RL sports themed club, using Mullen's name as the drawing point.

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