Zaralona orkified

Anudder' one's stomped flat!

Ziost now belongs to da orks!

Dat's a nice castle, we'll take it!

Comfy seat

Miltant Collective was squashed!

Anamur is conquered

Anamur is conquered!


The sim of Titan was conquered by the WAAAGH!

WAAAGH banner

Da WAAAGH!'s banner.

WAAAGH! Is a group of Orks based loosely off of the Warhammer 40k variety. Boasting impressive amounts of Orks ready for a fresh campaign at any time, these green beasts are known to take over Military Sims in SL's grid, and 'orkify' them, thus claiming it as their own. Ork invasions cause a large number of banners, outposts, burny bits and more to be built there, because you can't have a WAAAGH! without the proper banners.

Led by Flea Bussy. Innumerable green skins join the WAAAGH! In its avalanching cascade as it progresses, and their Sims conquered for orkish use grow in number. Having faced a few Second Life Military Groups already, a notable conquest by the Orks has been that of the Ordo Imperialis, Echelon Union and Militant Collective. It is known for each sim conquered, the Orks add skulls, gear and other notable items to their gruesome boss poles and pointy stiks, for all to see.

The Sims also seen conquered by the Orks have so far included Elshout, City of Mirai, Ruusan, Diamanta Island, Vadoo Reef, Dismal Plunge,Wavewalker,Second Chance,Avaria,Ziost,Anamur,Area 31,Salamis,Zaralona Land,New Jessie, and Midgar.

Rumours abound of their next planned invasion, and none are safe from the overwhelming green tide that has now reached out in the name of Gork, and Mork!

Current Members

Flea Bussy as Gragnar Skullsplitta (Da Big Boss)

Merlin Falworth as Dakkas Wargrim (Da Big Mek)

Piper Zuhal as Snotbog Skumteef (Da Inventy Mek)

Sanje Batra as Uzgor Worteef (Killa Kan Leada)

Scree Raymaker as Grumsnik Nashgob (Big Nob)

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