The story of Water Halberd begins in a Sandbox. Halberd was fairly fresh on the Grid, and had become interested in TG weapons. After developing a small collection of freebie weapons, he set out to fight in the No Mans Land combat sandboxes. It is here that he first encountered Roman Troopers, the gaunt black flying figures that seemed indestructible by his weapons (most likely, due to poor scripts in his guns). After many encounters and defeats, he grew to fear and respect these silent soldiers.

One night, sitting in No Mans Land in his fatigues, gun in hand, sitting prone on a hillside preparing his advance onto other hostiles, he was caught off guard by Mac Qi, a Roman Member. Polite words were exchanged and he was put into contact with Darckk Trilam, who equipped him with the Mk1 Training Armor and was placed into the ranks of the Roman hopefuls.

After disputes with the current Drill Master at the time failed to resolve themselves, and upon his suggestion to the Emperor that the collection of rowdy recruits (which other soldiers were complaining about) could use some training. Emperor Trilam complied and taugh Halberd and his compadres personally. As if by chance, the base fell under attack by a handful of traitors, and the Recruits were tasked with eliminating them as part of their training. Halberd was first to the top of the ramp, and eliminated the nearest unsuspecting assailer before he knew he was there.

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