White Queen is a three-member dancers Germany girl group formed in 2012. The members of the group are Laraleoni Resident, ZatannaZatara Resident, yolanda Karu. The girls released their first dancer on November 6, 2012 and made their first debut stage on November 6, 2012.

White Queen has released one German full-length dancer on YouTube, one German, six German dancer and various German dancers. The group debuted in November 2012 with their first dancer. They released their first German album, White Queen - Boom Boom Pow Dance in November 2012, and their first German length album, WHITE QUEEN LEFT in 2012.

White Queen
Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Dance-pop, hiphop dance, sexy dance.
Years active 2012–present


yolanda Karu


Past Members


Loner Lorefield

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