This is the wikiHUD help page. WikiHUD is a simple reader written in LSL for MediaWiki articles. It evades the 2048 limit for length by reading a wiki article a section at a time. To use WikiHUD, attach the wikiHUD, by default to the center, and then chat commands. Commands on channel 4 are the names of articles, which wikiHUD will look up, following up to 3 redirects. Commands on channel 5 are commands to the HUD itself, either to change modes, or to perform a specific action.

The current version is v1.05, and the maintainer is Lillie Yifu.

Currently three wikis can be queried by the freebie distribution: the wikia wiki at, the linden labs wiki at, and the caledon wiki at

wikiHUD is a HUD

Be default it attaches to center, but this can be changed by opening Inventory and right clicking and selecting Attach HUD to from the Pop-up Menu.

Chat commands

Chat mode changes on channel 5, and names of articles on channel 4. WikiHUD will use llOwnerSay so that only the owner reads what has been queried.

This means that

/5 help will display help /5 source wikia will set the source wiki to the URL pointed to by wikia

Query Names are cAsE sEnSiTiVe

This means that capitalizing or not will change the page returned. Because of this, if you cannot find an article in the expected place, it might be useful to go to word mode and type in the first word of the article you are looking for, and it will return a list of all articles with that word in them.

Command Modes

These are all on channel 5.

In summary mode it returns the first 2048 characters of the article.

In full mode it returns the first 2048 characters of each section of the article, which means that if each section is less than 2048, it returns the whole article.

In category mode it returns the categories an article belongs to.

In word mode it returns the list of articles with the word in the title of the article.

In help mode it returns the help page. (See WikiHUD (Help) ) (version 1.05)

In recent mode it will display the source:name of the most recent queries. (version 1.05)

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