Winter Expo 2004 - Adam Zaius plot

Adam Zaius' plot, some sort of ice/snow fort with snowballs rezed by another resident during a fight

The Winter Expo (aka Winter Holiday Celebration) was an event held by Linden Lab in 2004 to celebrate the general winter holidays. There was no set holiday as the theme, but rather a general celebration of winter with each resident being able to celebrate in their own way. The home of the Winter Expo was in the sims Moritz, Voss, Wengen, and Zermatt, with the Linden Ski Chalet acting as a center "hub".

Events included ice skating with Linden DJs, avatar dress-up parties, and snowball fights with Linden Lab staff (with a large and laggy crowd attending the snowball fight). One of the larger events was a Burning Life-like event taking place in Zermatt and Moritz, themed for the winter holiday with residents building ice/snow sculptures and holiday traditions.

The Winter Expo spanned from December 18th to December 31st with a New Years Eve bash.

Teen SL also had a winterfest that lasted the same amount of time, and had just about the same events. Residents set up events like "Premade Gingerbread House Contest" run by TheCoolLeader Boyer.



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