Witimer Wycliffe is a faggot on the Teen Grid and is also the Royal Soverein on of the Superste Union, which is a military/nation on the Teen Grid. He has also had a succesfull military and bussiness career. As one of the two leaders of the growing Superste Union (Jimbo March is the Royal General and leader of the Superste Union's military branch)he is anticipated to become the Teen Grid's newest leader of a shit stain called an army.

Early Days

Military Career

His Majesty began his military career as a "grunt" in large army called Eclipsed Legacy, lead by Bear Etzel. After displaying "excellent" leadership skills, he was asked by Etzel to become a commanding officer, Wycliffe refuesed. Many say that he did this inorder to focus his attention on his newly found nation/military, Superste Union, though no one is sure. Shortly after leaving Eclipsed Legacy, Wycliffe was offered a position as Senetor for the Spartan Empire by Rinledder Copper Shriner. During his occupancy of the Senetor postion His Royal Highness wrote a political doc. for the Spartan Empire. Shortly after the revolution of Sparta, Wycliffe resigned and foucused completly on the Superste Union.

This just in: Sparta died, Blame Copper. Your accomplishments are thus totally invalidated, oh, and you misspelled Senator, you fucking twat.

<3 Crispus

The Founding of The Superste Union

In 2007 His Majesty Witimer Wycliffe and Jimbo March had a meeting on private sim. Both players wanted to create a military that exhibited valor, honor, strength, and courage. After much argument, the Superste Union was created, and so was a Teen Second Life reveloution.

  • This Just in, Witimer has an over-inflated ego, and never managed to accomplish anything.

<3 Bear

Political Figure

HRH Witimer Wycliffe grew up during the 2nd Grid War, and always dreamt of a grid united under a single power that was both strong, and understanding of its people.After he left Eclipsed Legacy, he soon became a member in both the Senate of the Spartan Empire and a representative in the United Federation of Sims (UFS). Soon,after becoming popular at both postions, he left the groups and started his own political group,the Superste Parliament, which governs the Superste Union.

Documents and Debates

Witimer Wycliffe is known to have created a number of political milestones, such a Spartan Political doc. that mapped out the superpower's structure, and debated against the assault on the Righteous Iron Fist, by UFS President Picard Zhu.

Poltical Failures

Everything Witimer Wycliffe has done can be classified under "Political Failures"

Attempt Assasination

During a political meeting with Royal General Jimbo March and Royal Major Aeper Jie Wycliffe was shot at by Andres Ines, luckily the avatar was shot by Major Jie. Amazingly, Andres Ines later joined the Superste Union and has proved to be a loyal opreative.

  • Witimer, if you ever read this, you are a complete failure. Lose the ego. Assassination attempt? Lol?

<3 Bear

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