Brief History:[Wraith] is an military that has recently established in Mizithra, 10k is what we currently possess of the sim, We are looking for recruits..we are following our own guidelines...Frostbane Tyran is our leader. We are growing at an incredibly fast rate. As we gain more history, i will edit this post. From the heavens above, wraith deployed from the sky and landed on the Mountain of Mizithra, The base has been established, apparently we are safe, I dont think we are. Construction is proceeding nicely, our frostfire thrower is ready for combat, and we have official armor. Now let fate decide our future. For [Wraith] Brothers! URA.

Rank Structure:

Initiate: Wraith's fresh soldiers, they have no authority over anything, they are used in defensive needs and sometimes offensive, they graduate to Int. 2 then 3 then finally allowed access to the main group.

Risen: Wraith's trained soldiers, they recieve no authority due to their fresh dispatch from boot camp, they get a set of [Wraith] templar armor, and a basic wraith standard weapon.

Guardian: The guardian is allowed to have a battle brother or sister, But the chosen partner must be at or above the guardian rank. Guardians are usually used to escort prisoners, defend bases, and participate in special missions led by an Ice mancer, or above. Guardians have little control over lower ranks, only having the respect of any higher ranks who give it, and all lower ranks.

[More rankings will come later today, 11/18/09.]

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