Xadllas Bing is the founder of the now closed Enchantames Productions, Jazz Palace, and Tropical Serenade establishments. He is the founder and director of Discovery a theme park in the Pangea sim.

Furry Plateau (2007-2008)

He was part of managment for Furry Plateau and FurNation (Teen Grid) for a short period of time in 2007. Xadllas built the temporary Eye4you Furry Plateau in the early fall of 2007 and was removed after 1 month.

Enchantames Productions / Showcase (2007-2009)

In late 2007 Started his own hangout/showcase titled Enchantames Productions (later renamed Enchantames Showcase in 2008) Enchantames Productions officially opened on November 17th 2007 the name originally was intended to celebrate the release of the Disney movie Enchanted on November 21st, 2007 the location also included posters for the movie hung all throughout the lobby and the trailer could be viewed in the theater. Enchantames was a continuosly changing set of themed areas usually set around a central lobby area, and ended up having 5 different locations usually moving once every 2-3 months due to Destiny sim refurbishment or expansion. Enchantames Closed in 2009 after moving between 4 different sims.

Jazz Palace (2009, 2011-2012, 2013)

Xadllas opened Jazz Palace in the summer of 2009 which was a New Orleans themed hangout featuring galleries, exhibits, a store, a circlevision theater, and a recreation of the lobby and several characters from the classic audio animatronic show Kitchen Kabaret that was at Epcot Center from 1982-1994. Jazz Palace closed September 3rd 2009. Xadllas Bing reopened Jazz Palace in Nocturnal Fire as of February 6th 2011. Jazz Palace and then moved to Nocturnal Chaos. Jazz Palace closed in February 2012. It made a month long return in December 2012 as a full recreation of New Orleans Square from Disneyland Park in Anaheim California.

Tropical Serenade (2012)

In March of 2012 Xadllas opened a new tropical hangout that was based off of the Adventurelands of the Disney Magic Kingdoms. It featured a tiki bar based of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Tropical Serenade closed in late 2012. It was located in Burning Phoenix.

Discovery (2013-)

Xadllas's current location is Discovery. Discovery opened on March 1st 2013 and is a theme park featuring 6 attractions based off of Discoveryland from Disneyland Paris and Mysterious Island from Tokyo DisneySea. Xadllas and Kickkill Su built the park while Downtown-D's Conner Ludlow scripted the major attractions. It is officially sponsored by Pangea Estates and is located in their home sim Pangea.

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