Xang Xiao

Xang Xiao: "Xang Xiao sitting in the Imperator's Chair."

Xang Xiao is the former Legates (Commander) of ground division (Terra) of the Ordo Imperialis (formerly the Novus Ordo Imperialis, the Venuma Coalition, and the Alliance Navy II), former Director of Public relations for Titan Industries Incorporated and a former Second Life Mentor. He started his second life on another AV (Keith Daguerre). On this AV he was a prominent member of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) serving as one of the first Shock Troopers (Council Members). He hosted the groups land in Hughes finally passing it over to Marth Rocco in 2005. He also helped create the rank of Corporal in the GAR and set up the merit promotion system. He resigned his position in the GAR after a attempt by Marth Rocco to become a clone commander. After his time in the GAR he switched to his current AV and joined the Venuma Coalition as a Private (E-1). He commited his loyalty to Aryte Vesperia and his causes. After the fall of the Venuma Coalition he followed Aryte Vesperia to the Novus Ordo Imperialis (NOI). He was commissioned as a Centurion (O-2) and given command of the first legion (due to his real life military experience). He commanded the original Offensio Levitas (Legion I at the time) until November 2006 when he was promoted to Legates (O-3) and given command of Terra. This was shortly before the NOI closed its doors. He yet again followed Aryte Vesperia into a few other ventures to include Titan Industries Incorporated and Star Wars RPG. He shortly was an Admiral for the Star Wars RP Imperials. When the Ordo Imperialis was created in November 2007 he was reinstated as the Commander of Terra. To be noted he married his Real Life wife, Eevee Vella in Second Life on 1 March 08. The military ceremony was performed by Aryte Vesperia on the sim Titan aboard the administrative ship within the Hangar. His best man was Centurion Soulbinder Wolfstein; Commander of Legion II (The new Offensio Levitas) of the Terra Division of the Ordo Imperialis. As of 1 Sept 2008 he retired as commander of Terra. He is currently taking time away from Second Life to spend time with his family due to a year long seperation from them.

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