Xelton's Life

Xelton Tzedek started out as a newbie like any other in Second Life. For his first couple of months, he had wandered around the grid a bit, learning something new each day until he could perfect a certain thing, and then moved on. After about two months of this, he then decided to start his life into a career of building. He was always fed up with having no money and wanted to make enough to where he didn't have to worry about funds anymore. And this is what led up to the creation of XTVC, short for Xelton Tzedek Vewy Cuddihy. The name and shop was created by Xelton, but half of the stuff that was in the shop was created by Vewy Cuddihy, which is a person Xelton had met around the time he had been exploring the grid. Xelton proposed that since Vewy can script things, and that he could build things, that they could combine their individual skills and be able to get rich off them. The shop mostly consisted of weapons and a sword or two, but it also sold spells as well. One of the most noted sold items, the Supergun-XT.1 was a famous sold item to the customers of XTVC, and was widely complimented and used....

More information to come...

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