Yellow Hyland (rezday 9 July 2006) One of the few remaining members of the old SLMC that is still somewhat actively apart of the current SLMC. Yellow Hyland is well known for his actions in the Vanguard Armed Forces as their longest serving member, as well as longest serving 'Kommand' member. Currently his position in Vanguard is K4 '2IC' contrast to what some say he is the actual 2IC of vanguard stated by Christoph Naumova in a notecard, as well as having the most divisional power within the group as he leads two divisions Krieghabicht and Armada.

Little is known of Yellow Hyland prior to Vanguard's creation, he was the founding member of the 'Cybran Nation' secondlife military group which was created little before the Merczateers became well known. History of Yellow Hyland and the Cybran 'Empire' from what former members called stated that the Cybran Nation was the first military to actually own it's own 'Full' simulator that was not apart of the LL Main Continent. The group was one of the largest at the time, sporting a member base of around 80, roughly 25-40 were active and also featured its very own fleetships and tanks which makes it the first group to support vehicle combat. The Cybran Nation along with a few other militaries such as Evil Eagles, Alpha Marines, and Shadow Tec were quoted to be the 'Forgotten Militaries' before the mainstream arrival in popularitiy of the Merczateers, 39th and Alliance Navy. However, Yellow Hyland soon disbanned the Cybran Nation and went on a long hiatus from Second Life before returning to join the merczateers during Christoph Naumova's term in the military.

After Christoph Naumova left the Merczateers Yellow Hyland was kicked out of the Merczateers after a huge trust issue Lurdan apparently had with most of the members within his own group, he later joined Christoph Naumova in the creation of the Vanguard Armed Forces in which he enlisted under his alt, not wanting to be recongized after the fall out with the merczateers. Soon later after John Stark Yellow Hyland finally joined the group under his main account and was enlisted into his alt's rank roughly a week after joining the group. From there he raised throughout the ranks of Vanguard from E-1 Enlisted to becoming Vanguard's 2IC of the group, replacing Salone Runo as the new K4 2IC of the Vanguard Armed Forces.

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